Welness oil: the 'Poggio ai Santi' farm has planted 8 hectares of olive trees on its land, situated on the spurs of the tuscan hills, commands views of the sea. Production is entirely organic.
Organic oil
welness oil
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Health and diet

The particular composition of olive oil means that it can be considered an ideal dressing both for its excellent
taste and for its chemical and physical characteristics. Olive oil indeed is produced by simply squeezing the
drupe (the fruit of the olive tree), and it preserves its dietary and nutritional properties intact. For anyone wishing
to keep fit and well it is important not only to eat, but to know what to eat. For more than 20 years now the
Mediterranean Diet has been synonymous with good eating habits. The term Mediterranean Diet refers to the
eating habits of the populations of central and southern Italy, southern France, Spain, the Middle East and north
Africa. After the epidemiological research of the Seven Country Study, which revealed the healthy basis of these
traditions, the Mediterranean Diet has been recommended as an ideal model diet for all industrialised
countries. As an integral part of this diet, there has been a new appreciation of Italian products and good
traditional cuisine, based on hard wheat, legumes, cheeses, a few animal fats, fish, a little meat, dried fruits,
root vegetables, green vegetables and fruit. As regards the accompaniment, the experts are absolutely in
agreement: uncooked extra virgin olive oil is best.

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