Olivum. The 'Poggio ai Santi' has planted 8 hectares of olive trees on its land, situated an the spurs of tuscan hills, commands views of the sea. Production is entirely organic.
Organic oil
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Poggio ai Santi

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Sponsor an olive-tree

The olive grove is grown fully in accordance with the new techniques of organic agiriculture, particularly the
most recent section which contains nearly 2,000 shrubs. We would like to suggest that you adopt a tree on
our property and become members of our "Olivum Club". By adopting one of the “Poggio ai Santi” olives, you
will also contribute to the development of new techniques of organic cultivation, but above all you will have a
means of learning more about this sort of production, and the advantages and difficulties involved. This
symbolic link will allow you to discover this extraordinary area which combines the age-old values of Tuscany
and maritime traditions (to find out more visit www.poggioaisanti.com)

By adopting an olive, your will obtain the following advantages:
Each year, we will keep you available three bottles (0.50 cl) of olive oil produced by us, with your name on
the bottles and mention of your sponsorship (shipping not included and only in Europe). We will also offer
you "Poggio ai Santi" honey (250 g.).

You will receive a newsletter each year sent by e-mail, containing a range of information about Tuscan
olive oil, our harvest, and some advice on cooking or on possible stays in the Maremma.

You will obtain, for yourself and for your family, a discount of 20% out of season (October to May but holidays),
as well as a discount of 10% on olive oil bought at the farm.

Your olive tree will be identified in our olive grove and its photo put onto our website together with mention
of your sponsorship. You will also be most welcome during the period of harvesting, if you are able to come.

Annual subscription: € 50

Conditions of payment
On receiving your enrolment by e-mail, we shall immediately send you confirmation together with information
on various ways of paying. You will subsequently receive a certificate stating that you have joined the Club.
You will later receive confirmation that the photo of your olive tree has been put onto the website.