Olive oil Tuscany. The 'Poggio ai Santi' farm has planted 8 hectares of olive trees on its land, situated on the spurs of the tuscan hills, commands views of the sea. Production is entirely organic.
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olive oil
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Olive oil

Olive oil is in fashion - it’s “trendy” as they say. Olive oil represents a healthy life-style, and it enhances many of
the light dishes that are typical around the coasts of the Mediterranean – in fact it is the basis of a whole way of
life. However, despite the prestige it has now attained, not many people are fully aware of its particular
characteristics. Just like wine, a whole world is hidden in the two words “olive oil”. Every Mediterranean country
has its own peculiarities, its species of trees, its tastes, its methods of harvesting the olives. This same way of
life is being developed in other countries that have climatic similarities, such as Chile, New Zealand, South
Africa and California. Very often we find that olive oil is following where wine has gone before. Tuscany also
benefits from the fashion for all things Tuscan and from the extraordinary popularity that this Region enjoys.
The demand for the Tuscan brand is high and ever increasing. Just like its wines, extra virgin olive oil from
Tuscany is in huge demand.

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