© Louis-Philippe Breydel / Dominique Curchod
The large suites (75m²) are located in the villa, on the south side of the park, with one of the loveliest views of the region. The Stables offer three suites, directly overlooking the park. The Podere has four suites (including two Juniors), on the first floor.

Poggio ai Santi has developed harmoniously over the years: the suites are the result of renovations and new constructions: each has its own features, furnishings and decor. Our guests generally develop an attachment during their first stay and we try to guarantee them "their" suite year after year.

Francesca who does not count the time she spends in playing close attention to all the details of this vast property, has put her soul into these choices where aesthetics vies with well-being. The bathrooms in particular have needed time, effort and subtle choices of materials to achieve the great comfort they provide.