panorama 360º
© Louis-Philippe Breydel / Dominique Curchod
AWAKENING OF THE SENSES: a day in Paradise

You watch two falcons sweep above the shrubs, lit by the first rays of the sun. They are teaching their children about life in Paradise. You listen to their unmistakable call and to the higher-pitched answers of their offspring. Just like you, they are breathing in all the smells and the spices of the Mediterranean. A few wing beats away, rows of umbrella pines are silhouetted along the gentle coast. On the horizon is the island of Elba. A ship is calmly crossing the strait. You prolong this magical moment on the terrace of the Poggio ai Santi restaurant, enjoying the authentic honey, jam, fruit, bread and buns from the generous and rich soil of Tuscany.

The silence of the hills rolling towards the sea is broken by the cicadas' song. The rustling of the leaves in the highest branches of ancient pines itself creates a pleasurable sense of coolness. The high sun encourages you to sneak a foot into the water of the pool near which you have been daydreaming. A cat arrives, surprised about not being the only one to enjoy this special moment. A caress is exchanged for a moment's complicity. A light, spiced meal with Poggio ai Santi's bread and olive oil completes this course of peace and farniente.

Slowly the blue gives way to pink, red and orange. The sun departs between the sky and the sea to bless other lands. The cicadas go quiet. The indecisive wind tosses all the smells of a country evening into the air. Two donkeys chat across a ravine. The music from Poggio ai Santi's bar accompanies these moments of fulfilment: harmony reigns with Mozart or jazz. Small sins of gluttony miraculously join a wine that already felt like seventh heaven. Can one feel guilty for staying a few days in Paradise?

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